08062016 BBQ Salad

Guess what I did with the chicken I dismantled the night before?

Yep, its going to be a new salad. At first, I was thinking of starting afresh with new onions, potatoes, chilies, red peppers and even some dates. But then my Wife made me realise that I have already made some potato salad which will last me for two weeks.

Not only that, this new salad will cost me money. So, might as well use the ones I have already made...

After work I got one green pepper and some chili. I could not get the red pepper at they costs more.

I need to remove the seeds from both green peppers and the chilis. Trust me on this, for every step you do, please wash your hands thoroughly and no rubbing your eyes or picking your nose.

Thank goodness both the pepper and chilis were fresh and they're crunchy even when being cut. It was such a nice experience. And the taste was quite meh since I only added about 4 tablespoons of the Heinz  BBQ sauce. Also, for this salad, the  mayo was a little less too.

For the biscuit test, it tastes great and not too hot either, thanks to me for removing the chili seeds. Maybe I should retain the pepper seeds next time or crush a teaspoonful of chili seeds and add them back in. You know just for fun..

I did not add the dates into the salad but this is ok for me.

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