02072016 Salad gone bad

Ok, so my method of preserving freshly cut ingredients for salad has its limits. I mean, they can be stored up to a max of 10 days or so before every piece decided to become sociable and go bad. Yeah, I could have put them in the freezer but I plain forgot about this fact

Making salad from defrosted ingredients might taste a little weird. And it's no difference from putting salad sauce/mayo into a packed of frozen mixed vegetables. It tastes of... laziness.

But in my case, it tastes of stupidity.

Next time, I'll need to buy the correct amount of ingredients, make the salad on the day itself and consume them within three days. There should be no leftovers unless there's some left and you don't mind coming over for them....

So, its the turnip and the red peppers which got the salad party called off.

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