01072016 Corned Beef

I can't stand it any longer and so, I bought and opened a can of corned beef.

It's been decades since I have any ever since I replaced some some meat with corned beef in one of those recipes and it was a disaster. I have never seen a can of corned beef do so much culinary damage before.

But tonight, oh, man, it was heaven! A spoonful of that salty, melting, oily stuff in my mouth was bliss. OK, maybe not so bliss since it was salty but it was perfect for crackers. Man, maybe I need to make a dip out of them!

And so, I mixed the newly bought Worchester Sauce with some thinly sliced and chopped onions, it was so good on the crackers to the point, I realised I had eaten more than a third of the crackers....
But I have plans for the rest of the corned beef....

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