28062016 Papaya gone bad

Well, what do you know. Papayas are very sensitive to being left alone.

All I did was just left it alone inside a cupboard as normal. Really. And a few days later, when I decided to take a peek to see how it was doing, I must say, it was not doing very well as it's skin was full of fungal sores...

And sometimes, people complain I never leave them alone....

So, this means, whenever its inside the cupboard, I need to make sure it not wet with trapped moisture, water or anything.

Full of sadness, it must have been crying itself out in the plastic bag and so, got some fungi to keep it company. Fungi = Fun guy, get it?

And so, I had to cut away a lot of the meat since it was going soft and rotting. So much so, in the end, I only salvaged about 60% after the cuts.

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