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I have your cake and I can eat it too

A topic just came up today and it really was a shocker. OK, so this has been happening since God knows when, or well, China.

Let's say, I came up with a very nice artwork for a decal and a decal manufacturer is willing to get it printed for me. So, off the file goes and into their hands. Halfway through the run, they told me that they wanted get in on the action too or else they bump my MOQ to a serious number.

So, that, left a very bad taste in the mouth. At least, they were very 'honest' about their intentions. But don't fret, this did not happen to me but to a friend of mine. The worry now is that his latest design is in their hand and to be honest, there is nothing he can do about it. (Hint: We're in Malaysia and they're International)

These are the options open to him:
1. Make the deal Printer as the Distributor of the decals. Printer wins, friend loses
2. Make the files Public Domain and make sure everyone knows it through Forums and FB. Printer loses, friend loses
3. Cut his losses, go to another printer. Printer still wins as the files are still with them, friend still loses.

Whatever the choice, I left it to him to decide as I can only do so much.

People can get away with things when no one's looking

Think about it. When we are entrusted to do a Job, there will be a time where we will betray that trust. The problem is not why but when. Afterall, we are only human. And when we realise that NO ONE is there watch over us or, are too far away to do anything, we become bolder. One step at a time and pretty soon, its business as usual, without  even batting an eyelid.

So, what is stopping the photo-etch guy, the resin casting guy, the curcuit board guy, the decal guy, the manufaturing guy and so on from not taking a few of your designs and hock it off? What is stopping them or their staff from playing with your rejects or giving them to their friends or relatives?

Yeah, nothing. And if you're lucky, you won't even know about it.

Don't tell me about trust and ethics, either.

At the end of the day, this is what everyone wants it does not matter to some how it was gotten

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