12062016 RedHot Curry

Time to make curry again but this time, I'll be using a different curry mix. The previous ones were good but this is slightly different. Then again, if you ask me about them, they're all the same to me.

Anyway, the difference this time, apart from the new pre-mix is that I have been authorised to add in three full chillies. Full as in WITH the seeds.

This curry marinated onion/chicken was int he freezer since April...

The pre-mix stuff I had and some left by my Wife on her last visit. Actually the two on the upper left does not count. I am going to use the RedHot brand on the right.

The usual procedure begins, which is to ignore the instructions on the package, followed by the frying of garlic, (yes), onions and then the curry marinated onions/chicken. Yeah, the pre-mix look like those sambal chili which you add on your curry mee or what nots.

At this time, I am wishing I had some petai to go with them. It looked red hot (but not the taste)

Finally, I added in three stir-fried medium anorexic brinjals into the mix.

And with my Wife's blessings, I am allowed  to add three  chilies WITH  their seeds into the mix

Simmer and boy it does not taste hot at all

More simmering while I take a shower

Finally, add some milk when mot of the liquid has been boiled off. Yeah, the long simmering made the sauce thicker, and with the help of the potatoes, of course.

Finally, 8 large boxes (with meat) and four round ones (with brinjals) ready for the freezer.

Update (30 minutes later): Still doesn't taste hot and could have done better if I used santan (coconut milk) but that would spoil the curry very fast. Maybe I should have  let it cool overnight for everything to flavour in as well instead of straight to the freezer (I was sleepy already)

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