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During the years that the Star Wars Clone Wars Animation was on, it was quite a nice departure from the nightmares that was Episodes 1 to 3. It was also something which I would look forward to, during the lapse of Star Trek episodes. But there was something missing. I can't put my finger on it but all I could remember were Clones dying and the boring Darth Maul story arc which, to me, felt like I was watching some kind of Extended Universe Fan Production. I don't mean the quality but somehow, it was the story which just went off-tangent away for no reason. In a much cruder sense, it's like as if someone wanted to sell more Darth Maul toys. But hey, like the title says, Clone Wars. Clones. In a War. Get it? Its not Star Wars Half Maul.

But things got better with Ahsoka story arc which I liked a lot. Right up to the cancellation. Yeah, its to pave way for Episodes VII to IX and Star Wars Rebels.

Speaking of which, Rebels was 'nicer' for me since its timeline was about 5 years before the REAL Star Wars timeline starts, which is Episode IV. Again, I was late into this due to a lot of things, namely securing work but thanks to friends, I was able to watch the first two Seasons of Rebels recently. Right from the start, the first few episodes got me hooked. And with some subtle jokes on Stormtroopers, it was quite fun to watch. Except I hate Sato.

The very first moment I laid my eyes on Hera's Ghost it was just basic shape which reminded me very much of the escape pod from Alien. What I did not like was the mini shuttle, imaginatively called the Phantom. Having a shuttle looked like a very good idea and all, plus it was used extensively in most of the episodes. The Phantom's simple yet clunkly design is a sure tell tale sign that a toy is coming out. Where else would you have foldable wings, extruded weapon barrels and simple engine stuck to its rear? I still hate Sato.

Revealing Kanen as an "Order 66" survivor, Ezra's 'I never thought of that' unconventional Lightsaber design and with the war-torn AT-TE being used by the surviving clones was a hit for me. And the slow introduction of a few original characters was well done too. Oh, you have to watch the final episode of the second season, which helped clear off some irritating minions uisng lightsabers as helicopter blades or blenders. Unfortunately, Sato is still around.

Still, there is something which bothered me. It's not about the helmet collector Ezra's bluish hair nor how he lives off the streets and yet stays in a high tower a fair distance from the city. There is something else. It's not even about the off-screen censored killing nor being injured for 'real'. It's not even about the colourful Mandalorian who loves loud explosions nor the Lasat hulk who can speak English without any problems. It's not even about Agent Kallus who is starting to doubt his allegiance to the Empire nor the fact that Sato is still being a dick.

I can't put my finger on it but.. oh yeah, now I remember. There are not enough Episodes.

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