23072016 The Slightly Soggy, Very Hot and Almost Burnt Stovie

Making Stovies can't be that difficult.

Yeah, right, especially when you're NOT doing Laundry and NOT scolding your kid over the phone.

This is my second attempt with making stovies. I jut can't enough of this simple Scottish dish. The recipe is very simple (To me, that is):

1. Cook/stew the goddamn potatoes.
Here, I'm slicing them thin and put them in a steaming pot of dun.. er, water, along with half a cube of chicken stock (I know, its supposed to be beef but don't have a cow, man)
Separate the colour from the whites and make sure you add in the softener

2. Fry the onions and the meat
Simple, right? But no, I have to make it 'better'. So, in goes the smoked garlic, then the onions, followed by the chilies. I should have stopped here but for some incomprehensible insane reasons, I added TWO kinds of chilies. One of them is normal hot and the other is, 'OhmyGodMytongueisf*ckingburning' hot.
Dial the HOME number and not you're Wife's, then wait for your kid to pick up

3. Add the fried garlic/onion/meat to the pot of boiling potatoes
But before you do that, if you think there's too much liquid, you need to drain some off beforehand and not listen to what your kid said about last night. This is where I totally forgot about the liquid and so, dumped in the whole onions/meat.
Make sure the tap is on or the machine's going to go nuts with your clothes.

4. Lower the flame and keep the pot simmering
I plan to do this in the hopes of the extra liquid boiling off and no, it's not good to argue with Mom, Okay? Just make sure the clothes are balanced every now and then or the machine's going to beep like crazy

5. Let the pot simmer for about 30 minutes or so.
And now would also be a very bad time to read your  emails too.
Because after 40 minutes, the goddamn stovies developed a smoky flavour. And yeah, go say sorry to Mommy now. Yes, I mean now or else...

Once again, I have no beef with any meat and so, this poor can of corny beef became my object of hey, I told you to say sorry, right? Now go do your homework after Dinner, K?

For a quick cook, I sliced the potatoes as thin as I can while there's only enough soap for one more wash. Thank goodness I bought a refill pack.

This time, I did not put in the whole can of corned beef but rather, about a quarter The sequence is garlic, then onions, then chilies and then the corned beef.

Forgot to drain off the liquid while the 2 week old kiwis tasted quite sweet. And yeah, I'll need to stock up on the pasta too. But I think I can make this last for a few days as long as I keep it in the fridge and don't take a bite every now and then.

Don't mind the pot which I am soaking it to get rid  f the burnt parts. I was just in time before the whole stovie turned to blackie as you need to stir the pot every now and then. Darn. I forgot to add in some pepper. Salt's OK since the salty corned beef took care of that. Yes, go tell your sister to stop bothering Mommy. Now. Yes, now.

Simple guide to adding the right chilies.

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