04092016 Goodbye from a Victim

What a shock when I woke up this morning.

Through Facebook, a friend announced that a person whom I knew had passed away. The strange thing was that for decades I have never thought to look for him nor care about his life. And it was this good friend of mine who confirmed it. And not surprisingly, the rest of the cliques actually did know him. And his Wake is tomorrow at Nirvana Sg. Besi, a ceremony which I cannot  attend.

Everyone knew it.

Except me.

I guess that it's just me.

When we were in Ireland, it was never a happy time for me, first of all being by myself and facing this fella and his 3-man gang everyday, and realising that I was a spoilt brat many years later even when I was in Scotland. I won't say I regretted not changing myself for the better for the next few years then but it rankles, which brought on to more misery when it came to social activities.

Still, this is one chapter I cannot close as its too late now to make amends. It's sad and it took a long time for me to heal.

After all these years, I hope you had a great life and did what you always wanted.

Goodbye, Ujin Goh

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