07022018 Y U no drink?

On the left, we have Mr. Jolly coming in at RM1.49 and on the right, its Mr. Anglia at RM1.79. Who will win?

In all my Life, I don't really consume alcohol much and in fact, in our household, we just don't drink. So, once in a while, if I really need to, it would be in small quantities. It's not that I don't like the stuff but I am quite annoyed with their side effects.

You know, pink faces, headaches, loud heartbeats, and the more serious repercussion: Gout.

Anyway, maybe it's due to age but tonight, I find that I can handle the 1% Shandies better without the normal side-effects. When I was small, drinking Anglia Shandy was like entering a new World. It tasted so unlike Coke, Root Beer or even Sarsi and yeah, that woozy feeling.

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