Is VeeChai Sipping or Guzzling?

So, how does this car of mine fared after all these years? It's a nimble little guy who can twist and turn in most Urban spaces, has the power when I needed it and most importantly, is quite economical to run.

The MyVi has already taught me to be a light-footer and use slopes to my advantage too. Maintenance so far, to me, is quite reasonable despite what others may say and its always by Perodua (well, 98% or the time). After more than five years, there would be some serious maintenance going its way soon.

What I love about the MyVi is that it does help save petrol on the condition that you know what you're doing. Here's a summary of what I am trying to say, or at last could recall:

Normal urban driving with Aircond on: 14.5Km/L
Highway driving with the Aircond on: 16Km/L
Highway driving with no Aircon but with OD: 18Km/L

Yeah, you got that right. It's due to the new driving style where I don't use the Aircond much. I drive to work in the morning, and return in the evening, where everything is cool, unless it rains. Then I need to switch the Aircond on to make sure the windows don't fog up.

Let's take the latest data. Last week, I pumped in RM50.00 worth of go-go juice which at RM2.30 per litre, gives me 21.74 litres in the tank, giving me 394.7Km of tarmac. That puts me at 18.15Km/Litres.

Just as long as I don't keep turning the OverDrive off. The BUTTON which you need to PRESS to turn it OFF for more TORQUE.

But acceleration is so much fun...

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