More mileage, Same RON

The MyVi is known as a fuel sipper. And when you feather-foot and turn off the A/C, it would sound more like he's on a diet. Then for the last two tankful, I turned off the fan...

I always like to calculate VeeChai's fuel consumption as long as the records are there. The way he consumes fuel depended on my daily route and the types of Job I had. In some jobs, I had to drive throughout the day and on others, I would only drive without the Sun in the Sky.

How I wished I had all the data with me as it would be very interesting.

Anyway, in my current and last job, I only drove in the mornings and evenings, with the evening being a chore since I had to join the traffic jams. I only had to use the A/C when it rains.

The graph for me this time is quite interesting.

This was the last month in my ex-Job where I used the Highway with minimal traffic jams in the evening.

September and October:
The rare chance I drove and this is just short distances in the City with the air-conditioner used occasionally. Man, that fuel consumption killed my wallet.

New job. Morning highways were good but the evening traffic sucked monkey balls. This was also the time I tried various routes to overcome the jams.

Holy guacamole! I am not sure if this is true or not!
Maybe the fuel injectors or the Flux Capacitor cleared itself or something. I got more mileage once I turned off the fan. The past year, it was the air conditioning being off and now, its the fan.

The. Freaking. Fan.

The one which blew outside air in (without the a/c). So, I'm going to test this again with a few more tanks to confirm if its correct. Or maybe, just that it's time for the 10,000Km service....

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