What Goes Down, must come Up

It's more than seven years since VeeChai suffered from any damage costing more than RM50.00...

It started long ago when the front window's control button got loose. Well, it was not a problem since it still workied. But last year, one of the windows could not go up after it came down. OK, since it's the window behind me, I could just do some stretching exercise and tap on the controls at the back. And just a month ago, the same thing happened to the window on my left....

I did scout around Pasar Road for a replacement and even entertained the idea of doing some risky DIY repairs. I mean, why not? That small little thing, which does not even have any blinking LEDs, costs about RM80.00 is starting to look a little too expensive. After looking at the module and realised that there is a circuit board and some chips inside, I guess the asking price was OK afterall. Then again, the dream of wanting to repair it at my own leisurely convenience came to naught when the second window broke down. No way I am going to lean over to close that window when I'm doing more than 30Km/h on the roads.

And so, RM75.00 flew away just like that....

Removing this piece is quite simple and you do not really have to take out the whole door.

All you have to do is to remove the screw and just firm yank the cover upwards

Yeah, don't yank it up to your head as all the wiring could be affected

The (white) controller is held by two screws...

The replacement part is at the bottom and it really looked the same

Side to side comparison with the original on the left

Side to side comparison with the original to the right.
Anyway, just plug in the cables, test all four windows screw everything back and you're done!

While I'm at it, I might as well lubricate the windows as they struggled quite noticeably

All done and well, not that I noticed it, I have not though about the small light for many years

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