Fighting Apocalypse

I had a very exciting and almost scary dream this morning.

We're in a wooden house of some sort, maybe a lodge and in the middle of the woods. In front of me was that Tom Holland kid, you know, the current Spiderman. And yes, he was in costume sans the mask. Not sure what were discussing intensely about, but at this point of time, I can tell you that we're seconds away from something big/dangerous. And his panicking face did not help at all. Either we're arguing or, well, it was something else

Then the sudden yellow blast from behind made toothpicks on my right, or rather, where Spidey stood an eye blink ago. Funny thing was, the blast was so close to my right ribs but I did not feel anything.

Oh, right. I was Iron Man. Tony Stark without his helmet.

I had to keep moving, from every corner of the house to the next, because if I stopped, even for a second, that bright golden blast would be heading my way. This went on and on for quite a while, maybe it's because my slow brain could not take over from the reflexes and adrenaline that was trying to save my very existence.

And then I woke up.

And the message in that dream?
Yeah, the green grass outside were beautifully maintained and it was dusk

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