Sometimes, you just gotta Bling

I couldn't resist in getting some of these clear breadboards. For those who are into circuit design, breadboards are the best and fastest way to test if your design works before you move into the circuit board stage. Bigger circuits or chips with more ports would need more of them. Not a problem; you just snap another piece on and continue.

Although they're big and clunky, butdo bear in mind that this is just a prototype. I do have a choice of using spare finalised PCBs but it's not a good idea re-programming chips again and again when the Codes are not finalised.

Still, looking at the same old yellowing breadboards everytime can really be kind of boring and the monotony does destroy creativity fast...

They're small, they're inter-lockable aaaaannndddd clear!

Note that unlike the original breadboard, the clear one dies not have what I would call as power rails on both sides.
But gollee! The orignal is so full of dust and yellowing. Kinda like all my projects going to the limbo and back when parts arrives... or not.

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