The SMD LED that blinks

That's right, folks. Somewhere in China, someone has managed to make White SMD LEDS blink at 1.5Hz!

OK, if you want to know how fast 1.5Hz is, just say, 'One Thousand and One' and that would be your 1 second.
So the 1.5Hz is you saying, "One Thousa..'. And I am hoping they would do 1Hz as well

It's great for putting them as navigation blinkers in small spaces but just like the Candle LED, I suspect that if some were put side by side, they might flash out of sync. Which, would be bad if they're connected on the same surface place. So, you need to place one at the top of the model and one at the bottom. And in a pinch, you can use them as 1.5Hz clock generators too.

Now you see it...

Now you don't.
And that's, 'One thousan...' for you of 0.6667 seconds

The 0805 LED is already very small but in modeling scale, its already a tad too big. There are smaller ones such as the 0603 and the 0401 which are great for scale lighting. Anyhoo, see that small square at the top left of the chip? I think that's the circuit to make the LED flash.

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