Replacing my Myvi's external window weather strips

So, yeah, I had to get these done earlier instead of waiting for the next few months as we seem to be experiencing sudden rain in this hot weather. The rubbers for these window weather strip has been deteriorating since last year and most of the shops I asked, did not have stock. This is because my MyVi is technically a 1st Generation and so, some parts a kinda hard to get.

Except for PH Auto. They cost a little more and can be within my reach instead of waiting for a few days just to save some bucks.

For the rest of the afternoon, I was replacing the rubbers. Yeah, the half an hour job went well beyond that because I was struggling to pull these damn pieces off without scratching the car further or breaking the window glass....


The part numbers for these are:
FRHS: 68161-B1010
RRHS: 68163-B1010
FLHS: 68162-B1010
RLHS: 68164-B1010


The rubber has been deteriorating to the point that you can see some of them coming loose in the blowing wind. Yeah, they are brittle too.

All four weather strips needs to be changed at once and I cannot skimp on these.

Some people mentioned that these weather strips were very easy to remove. Yeah, right. I had to use a screwdriver and ended up scratching the car.

Anyhoo, you need to make sure that you're pulling them in a firm upward direction or something like that. I yanked too much and it broke off. These again, mine were more than 10 years old.


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