Its going to be a long week

So sorry that there were no opdates for the past few days as I was quite busy (OK, blogger's block). Come next week, we'll be travelling from North to South visiting and maintaining some of our customers. So, I could be on hiatus for awhile.

Moreover, with the Mooncake festival being tomorrow, I have yet to buy those mooncakes, especially those Jelly types which I have absolutely no idea where to get them.

Then, there is the dilema of Kristine's first Mooncake Festival which, I am not sure if Wifey wants to let her play with lanterns, because:

1) She might burn the house down, or
2) She might eat the bulbs instead.

So much to do and so little time.

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Anonymous said...

jelly mooncakes are sold on the supermarket floor of isetan, klcc. rm9.60 each.