Motorola RAZR V3-BLACK

Just as I was about to go home today, one of our friends paid us a visit and he let me play with his mobile phone. It is a Motorola RAZR V3 but in black. When it was first launched last year, I think at the price of RM2,888, it came in silver which was quite nice. But once the black version came out, it was something to die for. Yeah, I wanted one. Badly.

But once reality sank in, I realised that I could never own such a phone because whatever electronic things I come into contact, sooner or later, it would break disasterously.

Anyway, when I held the phone, it feels right but also fragile at the same time. The keypad looked nice but when I tested it, well, suffice to say, it was not touch buttones as I wished. Although it does not have Infra-red, the phone does have Bluetooth.

Then again, I asked myself, for RM1,600, do I really need one?

When it was opened, it looked quite nice except for the shiny keypad

When its closed, it looked quite cool too

The shiny keypad with the blue Electroluminescent Light

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