Local Colours

I was at one of my friend's workshop today because Wifey's car had a disagreement with another car the other day. It was really a hot day and I got bored. While we waited to get the bumper changed, I was looking at the colour charts of one of the local paint manufacturers. I was surprise at how they described the shades, which was a bit hilarious.

My friend, Sam Wong, even re-did our door window visor (with double-sided tapes) for free.
(OK, this DIY venture took me 2 years to get it fixed)

Carlsberg Green
(The green you see on the beer can)

Petronas Green
(For those who really liked Karamjit Singh's "Proton Wira" Rally car)

Sekolah Amber
(The colour of Malaysia's School bus)

Bas Kilang Blue
(The colour of Malaysia's chartered Factory buses)

Wanted a Toyota Alphard but can't?
Here's a Kelisa Fibre Kit to make you feel a little better

And they even have brake covers and sticker too
(Should I have one or should I not? Heh Heh heh)

Someone's ideal girlfriend

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