There is a problem with me. I know I needed a some compact source of battery for my secret prop project. I can spend some time to think it out and also design the casing for it. However, with my current situation, making things and also painting them is not an easy solution. Moreover, cutting things at 2Am in the morning is just asking for a trip to the hospital.

So, I decided on an easy way out: Buy the damn thing.

The operative word for this prop contest is, "cheap". With the first prize being USD25 (RM84.86), there is not a lot you can put in. But then again, I want to use this excuse to build something apart from cracking my head trying to rush the electronics for the Phaser Rifle. Anyway, the I needed some form of battery source which is small enough to go inside the casing. I can buy the normal battery holder but it would be a tad too large. So, the next best thing were those LED torchlights I saw being sold in Pasar Road. The prices are from RM8 to RM13 on average where everyone claimed its Luxeon V LED. All I wanted was just the battery holder and nothing else. But the Luxeon LED would come in as a bonus. Even though both are Made in China

This is my new RM13 Luxeon V LED torchlight (R)
compared to my earlier RM80 Luxeon III (L). The
second shot shows how small the Luxeon V LED is
and yet can produce a brighter light. I must look
into the LumiLEDs site for more info. This could
be the new Luxeon Design which promise to
solve the heat dissipation problem

One thing I noticed is that the "new"
torchlight's battery holder has a spring
tip (R). This solves a lot of contact
problems especially when I drop
them. However, on the second pic,
I was not happy with the switch (R)
and I could not interchange them

Both torches uses plastic reflectors and mine (L)
is already blackened by the Luxeon's heat. Maybe
because its new, the light from the torch is more
prominent (R). But personally, I can see no
difference between the Luxeon III and the
Luxeon V here, unless both are Luxeon III

In the end, I decided to sacrifice my RM80 torchlight for its Luxeon III LED and also the battery holder while I use the new torchlight. Anyway, the connecting leads to the old Luxeon is already broken due to the numerous falls and solder repair jobs. Hee hee hee

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