Happy Birthday, Kaelynn!

Today is Kaelynn's first birthday and luck was on my side because my Johor trip was postponed to next week. In the end, I get to go home early and get to annoy the heck out of my neighbour by parking in front of their house. While waiting for everyone to come home, I decided to go for a haircut since my last visit was three months ago. But because it was already half-past seven in the evening, there were a lot of customers and those girls were rushing. Anyway, in summary, as I was the last of the two remaining customer left, I had a good head/scalp/shoulder massage from a Sarawkian girl who tries to speak Cantonese in different intonation (a day later, no bruises showed up but it was painful as heck.) and still got to read last month's FHM.
[Question: If Rick cuts other people's hair. Would you call him Barberick?]

By the time I arrived back home at 9PM(I calculated that my hair cut was about 1 1/2 hours long), everyone had gone out about their business. Being Kaelynn's Daddy, I performed the necessary ceremonies to tell the World that Kaelynn is now 1 year old and is still not toilet trained. (Oh, but she is starting to take things apart.) And I still get to re-park my car again just as my neighbour was driving in. Kristine fed Kaelynn some cake and they did not fight nor shout about. So, its still a nice day afterall.

This is Kaelynn's Birthday cake. Please excuse the missing cherry

Both girls ate the half of each cherry and put back on the cake

Mommy helping Kaelynn cut her first Birthday cake

Kristine fed Kaelynn some of her Birthday cake

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