Sci-FI Prop

There is one fact which I cannot ignore: I am a menace with tools. If I have a soldering iron, I tend to either burn myself or someone next to me. If I had a cutting knife, I would cut a lot of things except for the intended object. Anyway, since I was ealy in the office, and after testing Soundwave, I decided to continue with the Sci-Fi Prop project. Last week I found my rotary tool and made a hole big enough for the micro-switch.

As the original push-button is now out of the question, I had to go for another switch. This was because the thread of that switch was not long enough to be secured from inside. It is also too long and this means it keeps knocking into the battery compartment. And since the piezo buzzer was too big to be placed anywhere else inside the pepper mill, I did the next best thing. The piezo buzzer will now serve as the top of a flat push-button switch. I’ll worry about how not to let it pop off later.

So, now the two screw holds the flip cover more securely. And I used
the piezo button as a top cover for another flat push-button switch

On second thoughts, now the flap cover makes it look so bulky

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