Has the clocked ticked for you?

I needed to go to the Real Rewards office to replace the broken card. Of course, I could have gone to the Mid-Valley office which is more convenient but then, I would have to wait for at least three weeks to get my card. Going to their main office in Subang means I can get mine on the spot. But this is not a "convenient" place for me this week as I hardly pass there until today.

Anyway, on the way in, I came across the old fashioned car parking ticket dispenser. I call this old fashioned because there were no sensors on the ground to detect the presence of a car (so that it would not issue a ticket wrongly). Because of this weakness, you could easily be a victim. When you go up to the machine, you will need to press the green button and after a nice clunking sound, your ticket would come out. And usually, you will never notice about the time stamped on it until it comes to the time you need to pay for the parking charges. And I love doing this trick, which is evil:

After you have pressed the green button, take your ticket. And then press the green button again but before you do this, make sure there are no cameras and other cars behind you. You can even do this while you walk past the machine. And cruel trick works even better the longer the next car comes by. And here at HeiTech Village, the traffic is slow. Really really slow.

Imagine you staying for only twenty minutes but the ticket shows you have been there for two hours!

So, the next time you see a ticket sticking out, pull it away and
press the green button for a fresh one, OK? After coming out,
you can use the earlier ticket as a bookmark anyway.

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