Dari Alam Anker - Puyuh

This is a local comic from the Artist, Puyuh (aka Leong Wan Kok). It deals mostly with horror tales and has bit of a twist towards the end. I think this is Puyuh's first book but I am not sure but this later book, "Dari Alam Angker, Twisted Mind of Puyuh" is much more refined and by then, his drawing styles are more or less established. For RM7.50, its a very nice book.

This is the front cover, I am not sure if they have
come out with the English version or not as they
sometimes do.

Some stories are in mono but its not the art which
kept me glued. Its the story.

Towards the last few pages were the colour sections.
Here, the comics have no voice bubble but you can
still follow the story.

One thing I am not happy was that they wrapped
the book in a weird sticky plastic which warps the
cover. You cannot peel it off either. I suspect this
happens when they packed the comics together
during delivery with those packing straps.

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