Nasi Ambang

After my business with Real Rewards, it was time to head off to the West Port to see my customer. On the way there, I stopped by to get something for lunch. I usually like to stop by at Petronas. maybe I am comfortable with it for years. And sometimes, there are always something extra with these stations as they do accept "local" items for sale.

This is my lunch for the day. (L-R) Fish crackers, happy juice, nasi ambang and Joy juice

I don't know what nasi ambang is, and its only available at this
station. Even the one across the road does not have it. So, I got
one and its delicious! You get some coconut stuff, 2 big anchovies,
curry chicken and a lot of other stuff I forgot. Goes to show how much
I can remember things after two days or more. I must be getting old now

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