Last cat standing

Ever played the game "King/Queen/Fag of the Hill"? How about "Last man/woman/it Standing"?. I am sure you have done this before, especially when you were in school. All it needed was just a small hill or a table. You start by standing on it, preening yourself and all, before your friends starts to get "jealous", somes up and push you off the hill. Sounds familiar, right?

Anyway, this is another version but played by kittens. Yeah, I am bored in the office today, of all days I do not have to go out.


Blueyebabe said...

Hahaha~ This video reminds me of my childhood, that I used to torture kittens. But I'm not that "kind" instead. I grab the kitten and let it hang on a cupboard with 2 of its little paws, and then enjoy seeing it fall down by itself when it beh tahan.. kaka, I'm bored tat time~

CFC said...

Wah, you so scary one.