Working with girls

This is a weird one. My technician has been trying to solve this problem since yesterday and after the Pasar Road trip, I was feeling quite confident. This customer is my ex-colleague's wife and so, I have to make sure today's trip solves the problem.

It seems that both their Internet speed was crawling and by the time my tech has fiddled with it (and left) both Internet was down. And so, after pacifying the "he said, she said" situation, I decided to try and figure things out. And while doing this, one of the staff, a young girl seemed to be quite helpful. So, from Engineer to Engineer, we discussed the current situation, explored a few solutions and then did a systematic approach to the problem.

Suffice to say, it ended up quite well as the customer was able to go into the Internet until their IT expert comes in April. One good thing about working with girls is that sometimes, more often than not, they are able to spot things that is often overlooked. And not only that, they would persistently try to solve the problem without much fuss or grumbling (or even taking a few beers while they're at it). And so, after showing her how to set IP addresses for the modem, NAS, etc. everything was more or less done. I won't be surprised if the customer recommends her as Employee of the Month. Really. Because the other three staff just literally stood and watched and not join into the technical discussion.

So, the cause could be that the second Internet line is down,
the modem could log on but no data could come
through. So I told
them to call Telekom. Or maybe, their server
is the problem as it
might be switching the data to the second
modem which has the
faulty line. In the meantime, we bypassed
all that and went back to
the basic ADSL-Router-Switch-PC
setting. The rest would be to
depend on each individual PC's
anti-virus (and firewall)

In passing
Customer to the girl: Hey, he really likes working with girls! And he wants to treat you to a drink or even a movie!
Me: Wei, don't get the wrong idea la. She is really good. Besides, I am married already.
Customer: Really? Since when?
Me: Three years after yours. We came to your house for the "Jip San Leong" ceremony.
Customer: Really? [Red faced already] Hey! He's married la! You lost your chance!
Me: Haiya, you, ha. [Now, I am Red Faced]

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