Reparing my Nokia 5800

Belated post[26.04.2009 19:07]

I took a day off today because I expected to help my Dad in settling all the problems caused by TNB on Saturday. But there was a problem because none of us did compile the list of broken equipment. Rather, my Dad wanted to go to TNB and find out the procedures firsthand. Luckily we went to the Kepong TNB as suggested by the techs since our area was in that jurisdiction. But if we stayed further, it would be TNB Pantai. Weird.

As usual, we were given the run around from Ground Floor Service Counter to Fifth Floor back to Ground Floor Customer Service to Consumer bla.. bla.. bla.. But after less than 30 minutes, we got what we wanted. If we had the list, and if the Reception Lady was around, we would have solved the problem there and then.

Anyway, since I took the leave, I decided to continue with my plan to repair my Nokia 5800 as the broken screen is getting worse. Instead of going the nearest Nokia Care Centre (either KLCC or Bangsar) i went straight to Plaza Berjaya where Zitron is. I sort of guessed that most of the mobile phones being repaired would be sent there. And En. Wan (of Nokia Bangsar) confirmed my theory when he said he had to beat the traffic to get my phone back from Imbi in May 2009. The first stop was at Nokia Care int he first floor only to be told to go to the 13th floor since they have no stock on the Nokia 5800 screen.

After talking nicely to the girls at the counter, they promised to get it done (the LCD screen replacement and speaker buzzes) in under two hours. But if I wanted them to thoroughly check why it hangs so much, I would have to leave it with them for at least one working day. This is something which I could not do and so, I settled with the screen and speaker and hoped for the best. In the meantime, I window shopped at Low Yatt. There were so many things that caught my eye, especially the OEM (or is it a pirated) wireless Microsoft Arc mouse selling for RM60.00 as the original was being sold for about RM195.00. Anyway, I have ordered some wireless mice from eBay, and so, its no go for now.

I was very happy because not only did they
repaired the screen in under two hours, the
firmware was also updated to version 31. I
think its not even out yet because I was on
the Nokia Updater every day for the past
week before I sent it for repair.

I did not notice much changes but the phone feels
more reliable and slightly faster than before. So
far, it has not gone nuts when I made some calls
nor play my MP3s. Oh, one of the difference was
that the new Nokia OVI map (which is not
compatible with the old one and must be deleted
and have a new one downloaded) now sports some
clouds over the Horizon when you choose 3D view.
But since I am not paying for this, its not useful to
me. But I suspect, with the built-in compass in the
n97, the effect would be wonderful.

And oh yeah, the Satellite screen is now "floating"

The Nokia Care Centre has reformatted my phone
(except the 8GB memory card) and so I have to
upload all the backed up data back into the phone.

Not a problem here except that
I have to remove OVI 2.0 and
went back to version 1.1. But
before that, I used PC Suite
version 7 which worked too.

Finally, my Nokia 5800 is back to normal

Feeling a bit itchy, I decided to download some
free games from the OVI store such as Sims3,
Zombie Infection, Mafia Wars, and Assassin's
Creed. As usual, Sim3 is not really my kind of
game as I do not understand its concept.

Another thing I noticed was that the WiFi on
the Nokia 5800 is now always on but it does
not use much power. Either that or I do not
know how to switch it off anymore.

Here's a shot of the Zombie Infection game.
It works well on the Nokia 5800 but if I had
a kaypad, I could enter the cheat modes and
finish the game faster. The last time Kaelynn
played it, she deleted my saved game. So,
until I finish this game, I am not going to let
her play with my Phone. Same with Kristine.

By the way, after the phone was repaired, I had
some cash left and bought this miniature toy for
RM20.00 from a toy shop at Low Yatt Plaza. If I
wanted one from the Internet, it would have
cost me much much more.

I really liked this Enterprise

Then I realised why the price was so cheap.
The description on the base was for another
ship. But I am not bothered at all. Maybe I
will be lucky and get an Enterprise-D

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