Double yellow lines

Years ago, I noticed that in some rally cars, they have coloured tapes stuck to the top of the steering wheel. When I asked Ivan and YS Khong about it, its to tell you the position of the wheel in an instant because in the rally, every second counts. Not only that, it also tell you how many turns you have taken at the steering wheel. Now, although its basic and trivial information, I have encountered this once or twice when I turned too much and forgot the orientation of the steering. At that time, I do not need to know how many turns since this is a small Eifra steering (given by Roy before he traded in his 1.5 Wira for a 1.6Waja). I just need to know which is the "right side Up".

Took me three years to have the original red cloth tape replaced since these tapes were selling at about RM3.20 at that time. Now, the red tape has dried up, all the black hardened spots are actually grime from my hands years ago, and I could actually contract some deadly disease just by looking at it. Luckily for me, these tapes are now selling for only RM1.00 per 1" roll, and it can last me quite some time, provided I only use it for the steering and nothing else. The yellow tapes are also a cheaper alternative to painting lines on an industrial floor which I have seen at a customer's place.

Well, this time, I am using yellow as its easier to
to see compared to red. The bright yellow colours
basically have two functions; to tell me that I am
driving straight and also when its dirty, tells you
when to change to fresh set of tapes. Ha ha ha

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