How to mount without screwing

Hokay. This is an easy-peasy info for you. We have a customer who wants to mount a DoorPhone (you know, those that goes "ding-dong"when you press a button followed by a curious voice asking, "Who's there") onto a metal surface. From experience, knowing this customer, there could be a slight problem if their Boss decides to change his mind later.

Yes, you all very well know what kind of crap might happen then. And so, we decided to use a more surface-friendly and non-violent approach. Moreover, since the metal surface finish of the door pillar was so beautiful, it would be a total jack-ass move to be the first party to screw it up completely. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is where the double-sided tape comes in.

First thing you have to do is to cut a separate piece
of transparent acrylic that matches the size of the
door phone. A 2mm sheet will do. And how did I
cut the pieces without an acrylic scriber? Shhh....

Obviously, as you can see here, the first attempt
by my tech using a double-sided foam tape didn't
work. Although the foam provided the necessary
thickness, its just too weak. Plus, I have explained
to them weeks before, how to approach the problem
but from the traces of the removed foam tape, I
guessed they have all forgotten all about it. Sigh.

And so, with the acrylic sheet cut and then
mounted on the back of the doorphone
frame, we're all set.

BTW, what yo saw above was the second sheet
as the first one cracked when I screwed too
much. In this delicate situation, patience is
very important. And light trigger finger too.

And the final touch, the super sticky RM18.00
clear acrylic double-sided tape. Yeah, I forgot
to bring mine and had to buy some. Heh.
Now, all we have to do is to drill a small
hole for the wires, peel the tape and
voila! Problem solved!

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