Mom, I'm Full!

Kristine: Mom, I'm full
Mommy: But you haven't finished your dinner...
Kristine: I'm full. Can I have this now? (The Seaweed Nori)

I intercepted as I know where this is heading, almost every dinner. They wanted to eat those stuff other than their dinner, which is bad. And in the end, someone would have to cook them Maggie Instant Noodles which is something I am not happy, nutrition-wise.

Me: You can't have it because you're full.
Kristine: But I am hungry (to eat the Seaweed Nori)
Me: Then you can finish your dinner.
Kristine: But I am full
Me: Then you cannot eat anymore, right? So keep the Seaweed Nori for tomorrow

Kristine: . . . . . >-< (finishes her dinner instead. Frust already)

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