The mistake with double-sided tapes

And so, we now know that its not fun to get Krsitine some double-sided tapes. Apart from gumming all the books, she used it was table decorations too. Its easy to apply but horrible to remove because these tapes are practically all gum. I also made the mistake of using lighter fluid to remove them. Because they're all gum, the fluid literally melted and spead the gum all over the place which I rubber. In the end, I had to scrape the table with my metal ruler and gumming it up and my fingers in the process.

You cannot remove them by fingers as they are
stuck fast and in the end, you would have blisters.
Maybe one day I should try it with a freezing spray

After scraping so much, I had to come in and help

Overheard conversation:
Kristine: When some bad guy comes, you use this (teapot) and pour at them and they will be good guys
Kaelynn: If they are bad guys?
Kristine: You pour at them and they will be bad guys la

Then Mommy came in....
Kristine: Mom, you want a drink?
Mommy: No thanks (and walked out)
Kaelynn: I want to drink
Kristine: Cannot, its poison
Me: . . . . .

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