Rainy Friday

[05.03.2010 16:36]

Today is Friday. And also, today is the last day I will be at this particular department. Its a nice but dangerous place where I get to learn a lot of new things. However, there is a downside, in the sense that this place is hot. With temperatures fluctuating between 34º to 36ºC, I sweat so much that I did not have anything left to contribute to the common urinal. But if you're looking for salt, its on my shirt.

Still, this place is a lot of fun as its entirely a new experience for me. Then came the rain, which cooled down the place. And also my mood. Don't ask me why but for that particular afternoon, I just felt so nostalgic and lethargic too. Yeah, its a tiring place.

And with the rain, the temperature dropped to 31ºC
which not only cools the place but my feelings as well.

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