Trip to Pasar Road

[06.03.2010 22:00]

Well, here we go again. Pasar Road. This time, and like the time before, I have a mission. This time, I am going to look for some battery casing and also suitable LEDs for someone's halo project. And this time, I got sidetracked.....

First and foremost, meet the RM200 plus
spotlight LED. Its bright.

And yet, its cool to the touch. I was so tempted to
get one but since its running on 240v mains, its
not such a good idea after all. But this is suitable
as garden lights or something to that effect.

Do you remember those video lights that the
cameramen used when they come up to your
table during a wedding dinner? Its that bright.

Not sure how many Watts is in there but if there
is any indication within this 1cm by 1cm square,
I would say its 9Watts unless each LED element
is more than that.

Once I got my main shopping done, it was onwards to
next door where I need to have a look at those battery
casings. They have variations from 4AA's to 3AA's to
2AA's, but no AAA battery versions. So, I took one of

Including this 9volt battery holder, which might
be the same used in Joker's remote detonator
in Batman Begins, if he uses it, of course.

So tempted to get these but I am out of budget already

As far as I am concerned, having lunch in Pasar Road is difficult. There are so many shops and roadside stalls to choose from. Because this is predominantly a Chinese area, you have a lot of Chinese food. But for old time's sake, I still go to the Malay stall in Pudu Plaza. This was the place we (my techs and I) use to eat when we're in Pasar Road.

My Lunch costs me Rm8.00 including the Ice Coffee.
One thing I like this type of Malay food is that its
full of chilies and other hot stuff.

But that is not all, they also have potatoes and
tempei as well, which are my favourite.

Another tempei dish which I am not sure what this
round thing was called. Its not petai, though

Lastly, the fish. Yes, I love this type of dish. But
for the fish, I would prefer those 'catfish' types.
Still, with this type of sauce, any fish would do.

The Haul
OK, wiht the kids safely in bed, its time to open my treasures.......

(L-R) Components all in a bag, Battery cases and
some 'new' red LEDs

The LED bargraph is for me to test on the Boba Fett
display but with four LEDs per segment, its going to
drain the battery fast. Then the small SMD white LEDs
for a halo (but later on, after some discussion, they're
not suitable. Damn. Money wasted) and the square
red LEDs. There are four LEds in there, which accounts
for the 8 pins.

Using the flash, you can see the 'wasted' white
LEDs. In the foreground, I bought more white
LEDs and also, they're not going to be used for
the Halo too. That's RM30.00 gone to waste.
If only my Y!M and E-Mail was working well.
Maybe I should not be buying these until its
confirmed for testing......

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