Durian party

[03.07.2010 23:00]

On the way to their swimming lessons, it rained and at the same time, there was a traffic jam. So, I figured that by the time we cleared the jam, it would be too late to reach the pool and moreover, they might have closed it off anyway, due to possible lighting strikes.

Overheard on the way:
Krsitine wanted to buy a supermarket so that she can sell crabs to customers and have the crabs bite them.

And so, we detoured to sixth sister in law's house for dinner and yeas, a Durian party!

The girls still in their swimming costumes. It
was so funny to see them running outside the
garden with them on.


Dinner at last, two of my favourite things
apart from the teochiew chicken and rojak

Wife scolded me to finishing all the petai and
leaving only the prawns.......

Kaelynn (and Kristine) with their special
Ribena cups

After dinner, it was rest time before they
take their baths. And so, they took some
stuff from the kitchen and set up their
own restaurants.

Watching bits of Scooby-Doo and then
Night at the Museum. The Museum one
was a new movie to me.

One more round of durian for the road


Unknown said...

i loved durians & petai... but when on the road.. watch-out for a snaring stare from the wife due to the "nicest" burp you can imagine in an air conditioned car....

CFC said...

Heh. Yeah, but she's more critical when I eat garlic.........

Peter said...

Durians and Petai...lethal combination.