Going to the Curve

And so, with the Lightsaber finished and Wife also wanted to go to popular Bookstore at the Curve, it was a good coincidence. However, it was easy to carry the toy with me since no one knew what a Lightsaber was, except for a few. Most just looked at the acrylic and a few stared at the hilt. All was good because I resisted the temptation to switch it on and whack them on the head.

The girls checking out the
Lightsaber one more time
before we all leave the House.

First stop was at Popular's where the girls
and Mommy did their shopping. I started
to realise that it is now very hard to bring
the toy about since its heavy and gets in
the way of my wanting to read a few books
and also, look at well, ...... things.

One of the organisers on sale with a very nice
cover. But knowing the average price where I
am working from, the price tag is obscene.

So as not to give the Guard a heart attack, we
left Popular (while Mommy was in the queue)
and out to the pet shop with the aquarium so
that the girls can be distracted long enough

And so, we had lunch before splitting up.
Forgot the name of the restaurant but it
is at the Curve. Oh, this is chicken rice.
Apart from the 'bowl' its nothing to shout
about. Really. Its expensive too.

So, we spent on bare minimum while the girls
get what they wanted. Although we can pay
but for the price they're asking, its just not
worth it.

Back home, Kristine got her new Rm9.00
shoes. (which broke a few days later)

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