The Eve of Chinese New Year 2011

And so, by now, we're all ready for the Big Dinner. As usual, the girls are very excited and happy. You can tell because they're running everywhere, poking their noses into everything, trying to help everyone and also, shouting about. Since its the Eve, I just told them to behave themselves. Not going to shout at them or anything. Maybe I am getting soft...

Kristine with her fan which Mommy taught her
how to make one.

The first Yee sang. Yum-yum. Over the years, we
always ate at home except for the times in KK as
it was too messy to cook.

Man, this is a first. Sausages in brocoli. And luckily,
there was some good chili sauce to go with it,

As the girls sat waiting for Dinner to be ready,
they each took turns to erm, test the food.

Finally, it was time to toss the Yee Sang. Unconsciously,
I was using my left hand. It was alright until I realised I
was doing it, and then it became tired.

Finally, after the Dinner, it was play time for
the girls. That is, until Kaelynn started to dig
her nose which I think, broke a blood vessel
and it bled. This is the AFTER picture. Before
that, blood was dripping down her face to and
I had to cup her chin because there was a lot.
Freaked me out a little, though.

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