Picking her nose

Everyday, I pick my nose because it has a lot of stuff trapped in it. And if I don't, it will accumulate and suffocate me in the long run. And this goes the same with my Bengmobile. Its been years since I changed the air filter. I used to change them an every oil change, which is roughly every 5Km. So, for this case, I have not been changing it for about, well, more than 60Km (or more, I forget).

I really need to change them because if the car cannot get enough air, well, bad things happen and its usually the wallet that suffers in the end.

And when I opened the air filer box, this was the
sight that greeted me.

Inside the box tells of a lot of story too. Such as the
stupid fat owner forgot to change the air filter.

There were so much trapped particles in there, the
moment I took the air filter out, it started to pour
onto the battery.

And so, I banged the air filter onto the floor
repeatedly. This is the amount you see after
about 30 hits. And there is more to come.

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