Which NERF configuration?

OK. I have located most of the NERF scopes and after looking at them, it was a little difficult to choose which one is the best. I want to modify this Barricade as an Urban Grenade Launcher. Initially, I wanted this to be a Heavy CQB Weapon, say, a 10-round auto shotgun. But after looking at it, well, I don't know.

When it comes to grenades, I am thinking micro-grenades, the ones that can be used to blow a hole in doors, or have a 5-feet blast radius. Or maybe, this is a multi-round gun which can shoot high-calibre rounds that can punch through a hole in engines or a tanks. And when you need shotguns, you just change the bullets. So, this is a short-range weapon, (10-35 feet) and is only a backup weapon. Yeah, this can work.

Now help me choose, which one looks nice/functional because I am going to paint it black:

Config A:
As a shotgun, this scope is ideal. And as a
grenade launcher, this scope is still OK.

Config B:
So, with a 'laser' aiming system, long range
targets would be easy picking.

Config C:
Well, this scope is nice, without you having
to explain, everyone can see that it can fire
at long range targets. But isn't it a bit too

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