How to show off your Nokia n8

Well, everyone's doing it and so, I thought, why not? In most cars, they will have this weird GPS or mobile phone holder which sticks to the car's windscreen. And I would say, it all started with the GPS thing. So, nowadays, wherever you go, you will see such device.

Unfortunately, due to budget constraint, I do not have a real GPS unit and so, a poor poor person like me have to use their mobile phone instead. Now, I can see the OVI Map software safely while driving. So, no more premature turns or taking my eyes off the road. I have not seen the Papago and others except Garmin but the OVI Maps is fun to watch.

The prices ranged from RM19.90 to almost double.
I cannot get one exactly for the n8 as I will be using
an Otterbox casing, which, in theory, would make
the n8 thicker. And so, I got this el cheapo RM9.90
Universal holder instead.

After struggling with it for a while, I managed to get
it out of the box and onto the windscreen. So, this is
how it would look like in Vee-chai. Of course I have
to make a n8 mock-up since I need it to take this pic.

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