Vee-chai's drinking problem

When I started Vee-chai up this morning, he was thirsty. Which is strange because the night before, he told me he could go another 15 odd Km more before going to the bar. And so, I had to quickly fill him up and all that while making sure Kristine would not be late for school.

Maybe he likes RON95. But then again, on the last
few days, I was driving with the O/D OFF which
eats up more fuel. Why? Because I can. Ha ha.

That's strange. I know I paid the money to the guy
at the counted and felt the pump... pumping. So,
why is Vee-chai still thirsty?

So we drove on a bit more and now, the bars increased.

So, another few hundred metres and it increased
Don't tell me that it has a stuck fuel gauge!

Finally, after dropping Kristine off, the fuel gauge is
to normal. This was because the road to her
school has
some good twists and turns. Phew!

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