N8 Photography test.

I want to test the n8's so-called 12MP camera. Most of the time, I shoot things that have minimal lighting, needs macro and/or does not move..much. You may click on the pictures for the actual size but for now, I am using 9MP setting. And so, what better place than this one:

Yep. The Museum. What better place than this?
I wonder. Then again, I have not been to this
place since the last Millenium. Oh, they charge
RM2.00 for parking now.

For most of my Life, I always passed by the Museum and
never did occur to me to revisit it again. Then again,
as a
student, trying to pass exams with my half crazy
was more important since I am devoid of any
talent or creativity, and more importantly, initiatives

This was very nice because if I used the 5800 instead,
there would be a lot of 'noise'. I should have used a
tripod to take this shot and the rest too. But it would
mean I have to modify my current tripod and also pay
another RM2.00 for parking.

I like this too, not because of the shot but the glass
By the way, this glass encases four coffins in
there. Their
methods of burial are very unique.

This section is very interesting as it depicts the types
coins or items used for trading. Back in the days,
do not have any currency exchange and so, I
how they got by. Anyway, as you all know,
the lights
for each exhibits are lit by LEDs and not
those bright
lights anymore. Oh, you can move the
magnifying lens
to see a larger image of the coins.

I really like this moneytree. You can pluck the coins
to use and the tree itself can be reused again. Its a
very good system, that is until the wallets and cards
took over. I used the n8 on the lens and was not very
happy with the results.

So I used the n8's own macro setting and well, this
was as far as it could go...

I always wanted to see this up
close as it reminds me of Han
Solo in Carbonate. Looked for
some side panels and buttons
but well, was disappointed.

For those who are curious about Han in Carbonate,
this is what I am referring to.

(image from: http://www.theforce.net/swtc/Pix/books/scrapbook/carbonite.jpg)

I also had problems with lighting in this shot
apart from trying to steady myself. If I used
the flash, things would improve but then, you
will see the flash reflected back.

Under normal lighting, the details for most subjects
are very nicely highlighted.

This shot was taken in a very dark room with
almost no lights apart from the ones in the
nearby exhibits.

This one took me a few tries too.

Even indoors, with mixed lighting, this shot
is quite OK to me. Then again, I threw out
the photography books years ago and just
shot and shot and shot...

Used flash on this one.

Did you get the joke? They're selling anti-rust.

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