Earth Hour Activities

Today is Saturday 27th or March, 2011 otherwise known as the last Saturday of March. It is a very important day for some people. That is because today, at 2030, they will switch off NON-ESSENTIAL lights for one hour to show support for awareness to climate change. Read it again, NON-ESSENTIAL means, not all the lights, stupid.

For the rest of the people, its life and business as usual. And so, during that hour, we were at Kepong's Tesco, having dinner at Madam Lim's. If they turned off the lights, I will give them hell. For I do not believe in Earth Hour. At our house, we have changed to fluorescents. we even recycled plastic bags (and also, dinner) and so on. But what we do not do is to show-off. If everyone switched off the lights for one hour, the turbines somewhere will most likely experience a lesser load and so, slows down. Now, its Saturday evening and there is no light. So, what would everyone do?

Yep, you got it. Candles. Candles are a non renewable source of energy and also, pollutes the air. Not only that, it takes a lot of energy to make them too.

Now, what happens when the hour is up? Everyone would flick on the switch and this means there is a sudden demand for energy. The turbines would most probably have to get up to speed again in the shortest time. The would mean more fuel consume and also, increasing the machine's wear and tear. Not only that, the cables would experience a huge load too. And in some extreme cases, the turbines would need to shut down or the exchange is blown, resulting in a real power outtake.

So, is this what you want to happen? Think about those in the smaller Hospitals, those on dialysis, the elderly and so on. What would happen to them? Does their place have backup generators? Can they really walk in the dark without falling?

If everyone is conscious about climate change, they would have implemented a lot of things throughout the year and not just for this 60 minutes of stupidity. Its a scam to trivialise the seriousness of climate change and making the fools feel good for that matter. And with so much crime on the streets, robbers and people with criminal intention are going to really celebrate the Earth Hour.

So, do not ask me why I did not turn off the lights.

While having dinner, Kaelynn had a stomach ache
because we were not 'fast' enough to order food as
we were stuck at the cashiers. So, after some food,
I took her for a walk and finally, when she saw this
stall, and that funny potatoes, I ordered it for her.
Actually, I saw this when we were at Cameron
Highlands but did not buy them But tonight, even
for RM3.50 a pop, its worth it just to get her to eat

After taking the sliced potatoes out, the Lady
then separates each slice a few mm apart and
also coated them with some batter mixture

Then its off to the deep fryer. The oil is dark brown
and I am sure it has been kept for days

I only noticed this after I took the photos and its too
late to say no....

When it is ready, she sprinkled it with some kind of
salt mixture. This was because the mixture was
finished halfway and when she took out a bag, the
powder was brownish in colour.

Anyway, she asked me what kind of sauce I wanted,
(tomato & cheese,
mayo, thousand island and chili)
as she was ready to
pour over the potatoes. So, I
told her, I wanted the
tomato sauce but in a separate
bag. We have never
eaten this before and so putting
the sauce separately
was a good idea.

One thing I can tell you is that it contains
a lot of MSG because later on in the car,
Kaelynn was drinking water like there's
no tomorrow...

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