What I found in Pahang...

What was I there? Simple. Its that time of the year again and I am the only 'man' on this side of the family. The hot weather has not been kind to the backup men. And so, I have to perform my duty, without complain and also without water since priority goes to those who needs it.

And we have to do this before the Sun does its worst. But after that, it was time to explore the town, like we always do every year.

And look at what I found!
And NERF Element EX-6

What is so different is that they have inserted light
and sound into it. When you pull the trigger, you
will hear this weird out of space sound (Ultraman?)
while the barrel and the 'orcket' at the tops slides
in and out. Unfortunately, I still cannot find my
NERF EX-6 as I feel that this kopykat is smaller.

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