Shooting Pasar road

Now, lets see how it fares with dark colour and still have the details. Again you may want to click on the images for the actual size. Shooting at Pasar road here, especially if you have a DSLR and not in a crowd of photographers, is a bit dicey. It has a higher chance of confrontation with the vendors who are always edgy nowadays. But with the n8, and with some skills, you can blend right in so long as you do not use the flash. Oh, and try not to shoot in really dark places as the n8 will give out a red light which gives the game away...

The colour is almost spot on. Yes, the yellow is that bland

As for the black, well, you can see the details for yourself

How I wished I have a wide-angle lens right now....
This is a scene where suddenly the street vendors
have disappeared and all has gone quiet. Yep.
Its that time of the DAY where the DBKL (City Hall)
enforcers are patrolling the area.

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