Freezing of the Enterprise Part I

This is one of the Star Trek spaceships which I loved. However, like all other Star Trek ships, they only look good in certain angles and this Enterprise-D is no exception. But that is another story.

I got this via eBay because in Malaysia, it is very hard to find. And usually, if they do sell them, the prices are ridiculous and most places will sell them as a set even if you do not want the rest of the toys. Therefore, as sad as it may sound, Internet was my only option. The reason I chose this F-Toy version was, according to my fading memory, it was almost the same scale of the AMT Deep Space Nine model. I could try to get the episodes but in my mind, DS9 was one of my most favourite series to avoid, mainly because well, being stuck in a Space Station with no exploration (only in the later series) was kind of boring. so, it was like Babylon 5 but that, also, is another story.

The problem with this toy is that I want
to light it. But looking at the toy, putting
the wires through the thin warp pylons
was the least of my problems.

This was because they used some kind of super
glue which did its job too well. In
one of the
warp nacelle, the upper part
did not
snap properly and the glue had

The bigger problem was in the secondary hull
where the top part, as you can see here, is a
real pain in the ass to remove. And it is already
starting to break off.

The primary hull or saucer was also a real
challenge too. And as you can see, they did
not do a good job gluing the parts together.

It took two person and a chipped fingernail to
get the darn thing opened.

So, why am I so insistent in opening up this
toy? Looking at the material used, it is some
kind of plastic or resin and most of the parts
inside are actually hollow. Yes, HOLLOW!

So, this means that I can put in some LEDs to
make it look more 'convincing'. And because
Bruce said he had some extra, he told me to
go ahead and wreck it and he will give me
another one...

But first thing first. I have to remove the parts from
the warp nacelle and also the Battle section. This can
be done by freezing them and letting it thaw...

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