ICW 14052011

ICW is a nice place...

ICW is a nice place...

ICW is a nice place...

This is starting to get very strange. ICW is really out of the way from my house and yet, my brain is telling me that, by just driving Vee-Chai over, it is a very convenient place afterall. Because if I were to walk there, it might just take me about over three hours, as stated by Google Maps. And a pair of new walking shoes too.

The usual suspects were, as usual, at
their usual places, usually doing things
that are, well, unusually usual to them.

Then I noticed the unusually
large amount of stocks which
is usually not a lot.

Anyway, the reason I came was to take some photos
of my two De Loreans. This is so that I can post some
pictures of the differences between the two cars.

And so, here it is. Once I have the time and the
sanity, I will post them up in my website. Yes,
my WEBSITE, not my BLOG.

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