Ma.k Pumpkin Melusine

While I was at ICW, I decided to get this vinyl Ma.k toy. To be exact, its the Screaming SAFS series where each Ma.K Super Armoured Fighting Suit was dressed up and painted with Halloween themes.

Yes, these stocks ar not moving and so, I, the Great
Fatty, bought one. *ahem*. He
was so honoured by
my generosity and
by my glowing presence, my
Life was
spared. Not so, was my wallet which lost
a green note in the encounter.

And, here he is, the Melusine. Just standing
over a a few inches, it was enough to scare
the living daylights out of the other occupants
on the table.

The figure is quite poseable and it boasts of
a generous four points of articulation. And,
it can also be customised to suit the needs
of the moment, as shown above. This is
the narrow canyon wall climber variation.

And, this is the casualty variation.

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Rob Burns said...

I recently found the 1/35 Melusine Figures and thought they were pretty sweet. Scored 10 of them to use in a fantasy WWII miniatures game (secret nazi weapons, followed by allied response in next mession) I thought these screaming SAFS would make an interesting 3rd or 4th mission with zombie crossover potential (scroed some zombie figures too).

I'm also considering converting/building something as a Melusine/Tank carrier.