Ben10's Four-Arm's Car

While we were on the Penang trip, I happened to come across these little die-cast cars. What is so interesting is that these designs were based on the Ben10 cartoon characters.

And so, for RM you get this very cute little toy.
I have to say cute because not only have I not
seen such designs before, and I really need to
appreciate this toy since I shelled out so much
for it.

There are 6 designs and all of them are unique,
with no 'repeats'. I chose 'Four-Arms' because
well, it looked quite special of the whole lot.

And its about three inches long

The most attractive design that caught my eye
was that this toys has six wheels. And four of
them represents the four arms of well, Four-Arms.

Next would be the eyes, which, if properly modded,
would make a very nice set of headlights. But then,
I would need to rework the mouth and also the chin.

The same can be said for the reat where a pair
of red lights would go well over the yellow ones.

And as for the side, the 'O' would make a lovely
window. Still, some extra potholes wouldn't hurt.
But I wished there is something I can do to the
rear wheels. Maybe a HotWheels donor?

And then, when I looked at the bottom, I was
so happy because unlike other die-cast cars,
this one was 'screwed'! Bwahahaha!

And after a few minutes with the screwdriver,
this is what I got. Wow. Everything is so nice!

The only problem I can see here is the top part of
the toy, which is made of metal. Its going to take
quite a lot of work to get the holes done if I were
to go ahead with this mad scheme of mine.

So, until I get the proper tools. Its going to
stay in this way....

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